The genuine spirit of the Pacific Norhwest

In 1989, Cutter & Buck was founded in Seattle, Washington. The Pacific Northwest. An area of ​​ever changing weather. Here the surf meets the rugged coastlines and emerges advanced cities next to pristine wilderness.

Like all Pacific Northwesterners, Cutter & Buck is a proud product of this contrasting landscape and its flexible lifestyle. Easy-going, independent and groundbreaking, aimed at making premium sportswear and upholstery with striking details, craftsmanship and the finest fabrics. The standard maintained to this day.

For years, Cutter & Buck has been seen as a pioneer in that the carriers felt like home at the golf course when outside with the clothes of Cutter & Buck.

Moving forward
In 2007, Cutter & Buck was included in New Wave Group AB and evolved from a niche brand to a worldwide lifestyle brand sold in more than 23 countries. Cutter & Buck has a large selection of contemporary classic clothing and accessories for people who choose an urban living environment combined with an outdoor lifestyle. For more than 25 years, Cutter & Buck is loyal to the initial values ​​and still creates high performance performance clothing on the golf course and beyond.

Because of its detailed look and feel, Cutter & Buck is extremely suitable for the man and woman who value comfort, quality and luxury.