Clique Heritage

A unique collaboration between Italian style and Swedish quality

In 1994, when New Wave was already active in the Scandinavian market for 4 years, Mr. Bianchi Sr., originally a tailor of occupation, and his Swedish friend Torsten Jansson launched the first catalog of promotional clothing in Italy .; CLIQUE.

At that time, advertising in the promobranche was hardly ever done and the supply was mostly confined to the `simpleĀ“ T/shirt. In just a few seasons time Clique was able to develop into the number one promowear supplier in Italy, where simplicity, comfort and quality are the basis.

New Wave Group Meanwhile Clique is, as part of New Wave Group, available in over 20 countries and the collection containsover a 150 items with very large size bow range. Since 1999, Clique, distributed by New Wave Textiles on the Benelux market, has been one of the largest suppliers.

With a comprehensive and well thought out collection, Clique has everything to surprise you time to time again.