We're dead serious about sports clothing

1973 – Airforce Baselayer
Craft was originally developed for the Swedish Air Force to be worn underneath their flight suits. They started developing this because of a pilot that was forced to leave his airplane at great height. Because of the freezing temperature outside of the airplane the underwear of the pilot, that was soaking wet due to sweat, turned into an armor if ice.
Therefor the Swedish Anders Bengtsson began his training sessions just outside Borås with his newly developed underwear. He measured the amount of swear by weighing the underwear after each training.
The new material, which hardly absorbed any moisture, turned out to be revolutionary.

Never let your ambition be limited by your clothes.
Craft further developed the concept and launches their first sports baselayer in the ’70. A period where Sweden has their biggest Ski-successes ever. The Craft baselayer is soon known for the unique functionality and is worn by devoting athletes, ranging from top athletes to motivated enthusiasts, from all over the world. Next to the group of athletes more and more people start using the baselayer as a part of their workwear.
Next to their technical baselayers Craft starts developing and producing second-layer clothing made of fleece materials and insulating clothes. These three layers are the beginning of the Craft 3-layer principle. 

Craft Sportswear joins New Wave Group
In 1996 Craft joins the New Wave Group. By joining the group they get to opportunity to develop more products and more sport specific top layers and leisurewear with a sporty-look.. 

The worlds most tested and researched sportswear
Craft Labs – in collaboration with the world's best athletes
In four decades has delivered optimal performance through functional sportswear. Almost as long as they have been a part of the professional sports world. The knowledge of how training- and competition clothes should be designed to give the best support during workouts is also for a big part thanks to the long and fruitful cooperation with top athletes from all over the world.     

Goede ideeën zijn blijvend
The world has changed since Craft was founded. The brand Craft has passed through several stages over the years. But the concept remains; producing functional clothes to ensure the best performances. A concept that will most likely always remain the same.