Craft Sportswear

Never let your ambition be limited by your clothes

Not only the performance-oriented athlete who pushes himself to be the best but also the sporty athletes that love to move, everyone finds their needs in the design, technology and functionality from Craft sportwear. Craft offers a wide collection including, SPORTSWEAR, RUNNING, BIKE, TRAININGSWEAR, CROSS COUNTRY, BASELAYER, ACCESSORIES and BAGS. The possibilities are unprecedented.

A selection from the Craft Sportswear collection:


1903981 Velo Jersey

1904054 Classic Jersey


1904491 Active Extreme
2.0 CN LS Women

1904495 Active Extreme
2.0 CN LS Men


1903942 Mind SS Tee


1903949 Mind SS Tee

1905163 Mind SS Tee

1902645 IN-THE-ZONE
Swearpants Women