Durability at work since 1975.

In 1975 Job-Dress Scandinavia AB was founded. They started with produced workwear for other brands.

In 1985 Job-Dress decided to start their own brand; JOBMAN Workwear. This was also the year in which they launched their first line of high quality workwear. In 2004 JOBMAN Workwear entered New Wave Group. This helped increase their range of business and created opportunities to create a more technically advanced workwear collection.

For over 40 years the JOBMAN Workwear collection has been focusing on modern-day professionals, both men and women. This collection is worm by a wide range of professionals in different disciplines.

With pride, JOBMAN presents new collections every year and hopes that the user feels the same pride in wearing our workwear while delivering good and professional work.