Shopping cart - draw up quote

This is where you can create your own quotes, including designs, application fees and comments.

Once you open your shopping cart, you will have several options. One of them is “CONVERT SHOPPING CART TO QUOTE


You start by setting a name for the quote and then clicking on “CREATE”, after which you can easily find it under My Account.




The quote will show the following:



You can set the price for each product that you would like to offer your customer. By clicking on “RECALCULATE PRICE” at the bottom, you will get a new overview. Clicking on “SAVE” will take you to the order overview.


DELETE PRODUCT” and “ “(arrow)

DELETE PRODUCT”; this will delete the entire order.

1 “ADD LOGO” (below arrow)

You can add four products with logos that you designed. Use the grey scroll bar of the rear screen to scroll down and click on “SAVE AND CLOSE”.

You can add or remove additional images by clicking on “ADD ADDITIONAL IMAGE” or “DELETE”.


2 “ADD APPLICATION FEES” (below arrow)

Below you can now list the price for the number of units. Click on “RECALCULATE PRICE” again.


3 “ADD COMMENT” (below arrow)

Finally, you can add any comments you might have to complete your order.


Once again, you have three options:

At the top you will find;


In order to finalize your order, you will be directed back to the shopping cart. At the bottom of that page, you can choose “CONFIRM ORDER”.

Then select: “CONVERT ORDER TO SHOPPING CART”, “CONFIRM ITEMS” and subsequently, at the bottom, “ADD TO SHOPPING CART”.

2 “DOWNLOAD AS PDF”; You can now save the quote in your own environment.

3 Below you will find “SAVE”. The quote is saved under “MY ACCOUNT